Golightly is the first private home-sharing and vacation rental club for women.

our Story

Golightly founder Victoria O'Connell has long been a customer of short term rentals, both renting and listing properties. Then one day one of her rentals - a brand new London flat - was burglarized and completely destroyed by a group of men who were not who they said they were when booking her property via a major home share site. Despite all of the checks and balances in place, it still happened and the experience got her to thinking about how women often feel vulnerable and need to be vigilant when it comes to travel. She began looking into under what circumstances she would be comfortable renting her place again and where she'd feel safe staying. She realized that knowing more about who is staying and being connected to the owner or renter in some way was the answer.

Applying inspiration from the community aspect of women-focused coworking spaces, she decided to create a platform that connected women through travel, listed only women owned and run properties and where women are the main contact for booking. After months of planning and research, Golightly was born. Named after Holly Golightly, the main character in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", who so aptly said that "home is where you feel at home." Golightly believes in the power of connecting women. It is an online, invite-only vacation rental club that provides women the added advantage of feeling as though they are renting or staying in a home of a trusted friend.

Victoria is an e-commerce entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience co-founding and managing JDP Global.

She helped lead the push both to expand the e-commerce venture, resulting in profitability in year one, and more recently to secure significant investments, including one in a startup that has since had Richard Branson and Index Ventures become investors.

Victoria also invests in a female owned real estate portfolio with both long and short term rental properties in London, Dubai and Miami.

Victoria is based mostly in: London

And frequently travels to: Malta, Austin, Dubai, Miami

Our Mission

From day one, the mission of Golightly has been to create the world’s most interconnected network of women who love to travel and provide them with a safe trusted community platform to book their accommodations, transportation, attractions and experiences.

Our Purpose

Given the number of horror stories coming out of traditional home sharing and vacation rental platforms, we saw the need for a marketplace by women, for women, to ensure an added level of security, safety and quality missing in the industry. Golightly helps women travel safely and love where they stay.

Our Work

Founded in Austin in 2018 as an invite only club for women, all properties are owned or managed by women. Bookings are only made by women within the network, though they can travel with whomever they wish.

With secure, comfortable accommodations and all the luxuries of home, Golightly encourages you to leave life’s baggage behind and go lightly.

Our Executive Team

James is a seasoned marketing executive with a passion for travel.
In 2008, James left HBO to start Good Corporate Citizen, a digital marketing agency focused on providing tailored marketing solutions for start-ups by tapping into a pool of talented creatives. Having known CEO Victoria for 15 years, they came together to launch Golightly.
James Hirsch
Co Founder & CMO
Cindy is an executive with a decade of experience in the travel industry where she led world-class teams to accelerated growth and robust revenue results at Vrbo, part of Expedia Group, and TripAdvisor.
Cindy Schultz
Eileen started the communications department for HomeAway (now Vrbo), where she grew the global PR, social media, government relations and internal communications functions.
Eileen Buesing
Communications & PR lead
Christian led Global Channel Operations and Business Development at Vrbo, part of Expedia Group, driving the largest B2B supply source via PMS and direct PM integrations.
Christian Leman
Supply & Partner Lead

Our Board of Advisors

Lynn Atchison

Financial Advisor

CFO, Spredfast;

CFO, HomeAway

Melissa Fortenberry

Product Advisor

VP, Product, RVShare;

VP, Global Partner and Product

Marketing, HomeAway

Melissa Fruge

Legal Advisor

VP Legal, OYO;

General Counsel, HomeAway

Emily Thawley

Marketing Advisor

Director of Product Marketing, HomeAway

Shanaz Hemmati

Tech Advisor

COO, ZenBusiness;

Global VP, Information Systems, HomeAway

Matt Curtis

Policy Advisor

Founder, SmartCity Policy Group; Sr Director

Global Govt. Affairs, HomeAway

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