Golightly Membership

We review each application, and every prospective member will be interviewed by a Golightly community leader.

All members must be over 21 years of age.

Membership Overview

Golightly is a members-only, private club for professional and entrepreneurial women. We are a trusted international home-sharing network and short-term rental marketplace dedicated to safety and quality. All our members are carefully vetted, and properties meticulously curated to guarantee the security and comfort of our hosts and guests.

Because Golightly is a private, invite-only club, you’ll see exactly how you're connected to your guest or host, and the friends you have in common. Because each member has a unique professional profile, Golightly encourages online and offline networking while you travel or host. Property listings and member profiles are only viewable within the Golightly community, guaranteeing the privacy of our members.

All Golightly properties are owned or managed by women, with a dedication to safety, quality and ease of travel. Only Golightly members can list or book a property, but you can feel free to bring along whomever you like (including men!), as long as your host is cool with it.

As a Golightly member, you’ll receive all the benefits of our club:

  1. Quality and Safety Guarantee
  2. Referral Credits
  3. Exclusive Events
  4. Discounted Travel
  5. Professional Networking

We want women to travel often, stay safely and go lightly.

With Golightly, wherever you go is home.