How To Host

During the stay

  • Be reachable to answer any questions and give helpful tips

  • Curate a list of local recommendations: best brunch, cafe, happy hour, yoga, must-see activities, closest subway

Check in

  • Make the check-in process smooth and welcoming – what you’d expect when visiting a new city.

  • Be there to personally welcome your guest, and if you can’t be available ask a trusted female friend to do so.

  • It’s the added touches that make the stay: a bottle of sparkling water, a decent wine, some light snacks for your guests.

Check out

  • Be flexible on check out- that’s one of the benefits of a home stay

  • Write a nice review for your guest

  • Stay in touch and do business together!

You got a reservation

  • Make sure your guest has all the information she needs prior to arrival: address, directions, your cell #, check-in time, key code or lockbox info; WIFI info etc.

  • Have clean linens and towels for each guest and clear out a closet and drawers for their use

What are your fees?

  • Our fees are currently 12% Traveler and 3% Host.

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