Who Can Join

Golightly is a private travel club for all women, to list and book vacation rentals and home share stays within a closed network. So if you have a love of travel and a desire to do so safely, you are welcome to join. You just need to be invited by an existing member and once part of the network you can travel with whomever you wish, meaning you and your friends/family can rest assured that your privacy is maintained. If you do not know a Golightly member, you can fill out the membership application: click here.

Whether you’re taking a girls getaway, a family vacation, a business trip or a romantic rendezvous, we encourage you to use our network of homes and connected members to enjoy every trip for work or pleasure...

Please check out our FAQs below, then join us, and get traveling!

What is Golightly

Golightly is a private club for women with a platform for listing and booking vacation rentals and home stays.

But who are you? 

We are an interconnected network for all women. Our goal is to provide a safer and more accountable place to book your travel (and in some cases, longer term) accommodation and a platform for you to rent out your space, whether it be one room or your entire home. We are a community of friends. 

Can men travel? 

Although all listings and bookings are done by members, you can chose to travel with whomever you wish: your boyfriend, partner, girlfriend, husband, grandma, kids or neighbour Steve - even Betsy the pug is welcome in some homes!

Can I travel solo?

Of course - in fact we encourage it! Besides the fact that you can see exactly how you are connected to your host, there are many filters and factors to help you feel safer when traveling solo and to ensure you feel more comfortable traveling within the support of the Golightly network. 

What are your booking fees?

Our fees are currently 12% Traveler and 3% Host.

Why should I invite my friends?

Inviting your friends not only lets you share the exciting perks of Golightly, but you'll receive travel credit to use on Golightly homes for every friend who joins. Love free travel? Invite your friends! 

How many invites do I have?

Invites are limited to five. This is to help us maintain the "friend of a friend" quality of our network and helps to provide the level of accountability we all want when we travel.

What's in it for me?

Besides the peace of mind of travelling within a safe network, you'll get membership for life (and a lot of love from us). You will also get access to an exclusive network and social events plus the perks of our membership card, and all the cool partnerships and discounts that come with it. 

Why should I list my home or spare room?

Because who wouldn't want that extra money to pay for that holiday in Ibiza?! Seriously though, you can rent out for as long or as short amount of time as you wish and you will also get the opportunity to meet and connect with others in the network. Plus you can feel safer knowing that you will have a degree of connection with your guest.

Hmmm, ok, I really want to list my home but I'm still a little concerned. 

Don't be! We highly recommend you list now as we have lowered our host fee through 2020, and since we are a private club you can feel safe in knowing that your listing is private and can only be viewed by other members. We also provide comprehensive insurance coverage under the Golightly Protection Program for all hosts free of charge right now. And each host is eligible for more invites, meaning more friends in your network AND more travel credits for you ;-) 

Wow. This is a win win situation. Why would I even think about it?

Yeah, that’s what we’re thinking. Cool network, safer accommodations and loads of upcoming perks. Plus, my friends and I are some of the first to get our feet in the door. Oh, and it’s free right now...

Wait - last question - why a private club, anyway?

Doesn't have to be a last question, we are always here to answer any more! But to your point, our mission is to help all women travel safely and feel secure knowing her host or guest is always a friend of a friend. We hope to take some of the stress out of booking or listing a vacation rental so you can leave life’s baggage behind and go lightly!

For further information and to enquire about joining Golightly, please click here.

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